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04 July 2020 @ 06:05 pm
Mugen no Shi is a community created for fanfictions, fanarts and other works o schreient_0 & abbysidian
MEMBERSHIP IS NOW OPEN. If you want to have access to the entries, EVERYONE IS FREE TO JOIN. Just strictly no bashing. Respect each other & DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ^^

Endless Poetry


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Chaptered Miniseries One-shots Original Work


Chaptered Miniseries One-shots Original Work



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Dear Readers,
Please be reminded that even though I own both this and CryingMochi on AFF, the two accounts have nothing to do with each other. What I write here has no business on my AFF and vice versa. Please don't look for fics or chapters that are here on my AFF. It's not only ruining my mood, it also ruins the mood of the other readers who have no access to my LJ. Please realize that by posting something there, asking for LJ to be updated while mentioning that there are more existing chapters of the fic here makes other readers look for it? Worse, they ask me why I haven't posted the other chapters there yet. It's irritating as I have my own phase there!

Love Drunk on AFF is only 16 chapters! 16! Can you imagine what happened after someone was oh so kind enough to post there "please update chapter 19 on LJ" ? I just posted chapter 16 but I got messages from people looking for 17 & 18! ^______^ I'm so friggin pissed, I am itching to look for your LJ ID and ban you from Mugen! This way, you'd learn how to wait and stop spoling things for other people.
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31 December 2013 @ 11:29 am
YJ xmas

In the morrow, a new time will start. A new chapter to the book of our lives will be written, continuing each and everyone’s stories. May the New Year bring us joy, closure to our hurt and pain, new chances for reflection and redemption to our misgivings, more wisdom and understanding each other’s uniqueness. May this new beginning bring more opportunities and luck... Most of all, may this year be kinder to everyone, especially to those who had already suffered and lost too much. Hope to all!
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15 August 2013 @ 07:52 pm
The winner for the yunjae contest is.....


congratulations dear!!!!!!!! pls pm us your contact details.^_^
Rui(schreient) unnie is willing to meet you in person if you live in the Philippines.

Thank you for all those who joined.:)
Nous avons apprécié beaucoup.<3
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26 July 2013 @ 05:08 pm
Hello yunjae shippers..^_^

Hello yunjae shippers! To all all of you who stalked schreient in her fb and here..this was supposed to be a contest for filipino yj shippers BUT be happy everyone! It is now open to all yunjae doesn't matter where you live..all you have to do is answer this specific question..

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